Computer Science Education Week Infographic 2 (blue)Computer science is everywhere, in every field. In fact, 67% of computing jobs are outside the tech sector. That means that regardless of the career, computer science skills are critical to students’ success. But if computer science is in every field, why isn’t it in every school?

We’ve created a new infographic that shows the importance of computer science education and makes the case for computer science in the classroom.

But, it’s important to remember that computer science education is about more than just having computers in your classroom. To make sure students are prepared for college and career success, we need computer science education that:

  • Teaches big ideas in mathematics, engineering, and computational thinking
  • Provides contextualized activities that relate learning to real-world applications
  • Teaches students to use programming as a problem-solving tool
  • Keeps students engaged
  • Helps students develop 21st Century college and career readiness skills

These are all things we make sure to build into our STEM Solutions. If you’re interested in implementing a computer science curriculum in your classroom or school, check out our STEM Solutions for Teachers and STEM Solutions for Schools.