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Teaching the Language of Innovation

What Students Can Teach Us About CSforAll

Miltner’s concerns about “new economy” claims, and more specifically, the insatiable demand for technology workers in the future being over-hyped are certainly worth considering. However, one thing that is definitely not overhyped is students’ passionate interest in computer science, long before considering a career.

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Empowering Educators through Versatile Curriculum

There’s a certain chaos that can accompany passion and creativity in learning. That energy and excitement students express when fully embracing a new challenge is enough to remind an educator why they got into teaching in the first place. Indeed, in the classroom, it’s a precious thing to witness, and an even more important thing to encourage and contain.

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STEM Solutions that Work

Just when you thought STEM couldn’t get any bigger, The New York Times recently identified the acronym, and all it stands for, as the “national priority in education.” With that in mind, Carnegie Mellon’s Robotic Academy has partnered with us and the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center to identify the characteristics of an effective, ambitious STEM educational solution!

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Collaborative Problem Solving in the Classroom

The skills required of today’s workforce are changing dramatically. Schools have responded to this challenge by organizing around themes like 21st-century skills and introducing activities that require collaborative problem-solving. What are some of the challenges for schools and teachers as they adapt to the demands of a knowledge-based economy?

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