At the end of 2016, it was announced that our IDEAS Computer Science Curriculum earned the New York Academy of Sciences Global STEM Alliance STEM Certification.The GSA STEM Certification Program certifies materials that align to the GSA STEM Education Framework. All certification reviews are performed by a panel of academic experts with deep knowledge related to the subject matter, grade level, and intended audience of the materials under review. Materials that align to the framework receive official certification from the New York Academy of Sciences Global STEM Alliance, an initiative designed to advance STEM education worldwide.

An event was held in New York to announce the new certification program. Below is a video that includes a portion of the event where they discussed the certification program and how our curriculum aligned to this new framework.

Click here to watch the full livestream of the event.

Robomatter is very honored to to receive this certification. To learn more about our curriculum, visit our STEM Solutions page! And to learn more about the GSA STEM Certification Program, visit their page here.