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The new partnership between Robomatter and Engineering For Kids will deliver Robomatter’s robotics and computer science STEM education content to students in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (March 7, 2016) Robomatter, Incorporated, a global leader in STEM education, and Engineering For Kids (EFK), a leading provider of extracurricular STEM programs, today announced a new partnership to bring Robomatter’s research-based robotics and computer science educational content to students across North America, through EFK’s extensive network of classes, camps, clubs, and parties.

The new programs will use Robomatter’s research-based technology and teaching methods, which are based on research from the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, to engage kids in interactive, hands-on learning that teaches foundational engineering concepts, as well as critical college and career-readiness skills such as problem solving, team work, critical thinking, creative thinking, and communication skills. The addition of Robomatter’s STEM content will increase the reach of EFK’s existing robotics program by expanding to middle school students, and will also introduce a computer science component to EFK’s diverse offerings.

“Engineers are critical to developing the products and process that will drive our future, and that is one of the main reasons our educational solutions are focused on the technology and engineering aspects of STEM,” says Skip Smith, President and CEO of Robomatter. “We’re excited to partner with Engineering For Kids to make quality, research-based engineering education available to students throughout the U.S. and North America.”

“My dream is that Engineering For Kids reaches as many communities as possible, inspiring the next generation of young and inquiring minds,” says Founder and CEO Dori Roberts. “We are thrilled to partner with Robomatter because this will give our students even more opportunities to explore robotics and software engineering in a real world environment.”

The new programs will be offered beginning this spring. For more information on EFK’s camps and programs in your area, visit  


About Robomatter

Founded by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Robomatter Incorporated uses research-based technology and teaching methods, developed at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Academy, to provide high-quality, cost-effective K-12 STEM education solutions to classrooms around the world, helping ensure students are ready to compete in a global, emerging economy.

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About Engineering For Kids

Today, Engineering For Kids offers a full catalog of programs for children ages 4 to 14, introducing them to a wide variety of science, mathematical and engineering concepts through an engaging and hands-on approach. Offerings include: after-school and pre-school programs, evening classes, in-school field trips, workshops, birthday parties, home-school groups, scouts workshops, and corporate events.

Examples of program topics within Engineering For Kids include Aerospace, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering. The company also offers several robotics and high-tech programs, such as Software Engineering and Electronic Game Design.

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