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Robomatter, Incorporated Announces Partnership with Innovation Africa 2015 Summit

Robomatter, Incorporated will attend the Innovation Africa 2015 Summit, September 30 thru October 2, 2015, in Lake Victoria, Uganda, to meet with officials throughout Africa on the challenges of developing a workforce that is prepared for the demands of the 21st century. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (September 24, 2015) Robomatter, Incorporated (“Robomatter”), a global leader in K-12 STEM education, announced today that it will be attending the Innovation Africa 2015 conference in Lake Victoria, Uganda, to meet with both government ministers and senior officials throughout Africa on the challenges of developing a workforce that is prepared for the demands of the 21st century. The conference, which is focused on developing skills for 21st century Africa,” is Africa’s leading high-level summit for education and innovation.

“With a specific focus on areas like developing entrepreneurs and industry prepared students, curriculum innovations for promoting creativity and critical thinking, new technologies for innovation in education, and future skills from STEM, the summit is an excellent opportunity for us discuss how Robomatter’s research-based STEM education solutions help prepare students for education to employment,” says Skip Smith, President and CEO of Robomatter. “We’re excited to be a Bronze Partner at this year’s event, and explore how the combination of our educational strategy and STEM solutions can help develop skills for 21st century Africa.”

Now in its fifth year, the Innovation Africa Summit has gained the support and endorsement of officials from over 35 African countries, and is recognized as the leading high-level forum for education, information and communications technology (ICT) and skills development in Africa.


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