Celebrate National Robotics Week 2018 with Robomatter!

Robotics education has been a part of our fabric since we were founded. Because of this, we are happy to be a part of National Robotics Week every year! Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing free robotics lessons you can use in your classroom with easy to print PDFs. And we’ll also be hosting a #RoboEdChat on Twitter! Details below!

Share Pictures! If you do any of our projects below, please send us a photo on Twitter or Facebook!



Lesson 1 – Robot Horseshoe

A great way to review basic moving and turning with a robot is by playing a game of horseshoe, but with robots. Using the robotics kit, create a U-shaped horseshoe, and instead of using a pole, something as simple as a small foam cup can be substituted. This makeshift pole determines how large the U in the horseshoe needs to be. Ultimately, the object of the game is to program the robot to push the horseshoe so that it gets as close to the pole as possible.

Lesson 2 – Robocce

With this lesson, we are going to infuse traditional bocce with STEM, by replacing a bocce ball with a robot. Bocce is a simple game to play. Within the prescribed area of play (referred to as a court), a small ball (called a jack) is thrown into the court. One team or player then attempts to throw their larger ball, the bocce ball, into the court, with the goal being to get their ball as close to the jack as possible. After both sides have thrown their ball, whoever’s bocce ball is closer to the jack, wins.

Lesson 3 – Free Build

One of the first things that students will want to do when they are exposed to a robotics kits is to build something. At first, they will use the directions to build an object, but will soon want to build something on their own. Less guided than a build with step-by-step instructions, free builds are still directed builds because students are shown a clear picture of what they should attempt to build/ recreate by using the parts identified by the picture.

On Tuesday, April 10th at 8pm ET we held our third #RoboEdChat with Jason McKenna on Twitter! We discussed how teachers are using robotics to teach engineering in a STEM classroom. Even though the live chat is done, we would still love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to use the #RoboEdChat on Twitter to look at what was talked about during the chat, and feel free to add to the discussion.

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