The holiday season is fast approaching, which gives us a great excuse to add some fun themed activities to our classroom. Check out a few of our favorite Halloween STEM activities below to kick off your celebration!


Interactive Halloween Math Games



This site has a wide range of fun halloween themed interactive math games. My personal favorite is the Pumpkin Remover!


Bone Bridge


Students work on their collaboration and communication skills to design a bridge for length, strength, and/or capacity.


Halloween Density Experiment


This project is a fun twist to the classic liquid density science experiment.


Circumference of a Pumpkin


An easy fall math activity for younger kids where they measure the circumference of different pumpkins.


Geo Board Pumpkin


After measuring the circumference of your pumpkin, create a geo board with it. This activity gets kids thinking about shapes, patterns, colors, engineering, and building!


Mummy Math


How many squares of toilet paper does it take to wrap you up like a mummy? Explore with your students in this fun Halloween estimation and measurement activity!


Pumpkin Rockets


A Pumpkin Rocket is a fun physics activity that any student can enjoy!


Have other Halloween STEM activities you’d like to share? Or did you make an modifications to the projects above? If so, post them in the comments below!