The Pittsburgh Technology Council and Robomatter are partnering to bring you a unique podcast series, Emerge: Where Tech and Education Connect, exploring the latest trends and insights around STEM education. Jason McKenna, Director of Educational Strategy at Robomatter and Jonathan Kersting, VP Communications and Media at Pittsburgh Technology Council talk to leaders and innovators who are creating the next generation workforce built on technology, continuous learning and entrepreneurship. Our next two episodes are available now!

Episode 4: David McKenna Agile Coach for CA Technologies Talks About Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches

Dave is an Agile Coach for CA Technologies, and author of the book, “The Art of Scrum.”  Related to the previous conversation on Product Development Episode 3 with John Davis, one of the ways that product development has changed is that there are these new roles in product development. Listen here.


Episode 3: John Davis of Carnegie Mellon Talks about Product Development

With John, we will be talking about product development, specifically how product development went through a revolutionary change about 10 years ago. Listen here.